Baby Dolphin Dies After Tourists YANK It Out Of Ocean For Selfies!

At the beach resort of Santa Teresita in Buenos Aires, a baby Franciscan dolphin was killed after a group of tourists roughly grabbed the animal and passed it around.

According to Argentina’s Wildlife Foundation, the tourists carelessly threw the animal around and then left it to die in the sand.

Pictures taken by witness Hernan Coria show some people taking photos of the dolphin’s lifeless body. It’s known that the Franciscan species is vulnerable to extinction.

Fundacion Vida Silvestre states:

‘The Franciscan, like other dolphins, cannot remain above water for long,’ they wrote on their website. ‘It has a very thick and greasy skin that provides warmth, so the weather quickly causes dehydration and death.’ A spokesperson for Peta added: ‘In their efforts to get a novelty “selfie”, these holidaymakers showed a naïve – and ultimately fatal – disregard for life by hauling this baby dolphin out of the sea, where he or she belonged. ‘One can only imagine the trauma suffered not only by this baby, who was passed around like a toy by marauding tourists, but also his or her grieving mother.’

The Franciscan dolphin, is found exclusively in the waters of southeastern South America. There are only around 30,000 of the dolphins left in the world.

Such a tragic incident.

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