Amazing Moment Dog Pulls Her Owner Out Of Their Car After It Crashes Into A Tree!

This incredible story started when Isaiah Lenotte’s older sister left for college, which meant that he got closer to the family’s rescue pit bull, Athena, who was very upset when her owner was leaving for college.

The pair became very close and found comfort in each other, spending more time together and bonding more.

Lenotte, owner of Athena said:

“She never really leaves my side at home and is always waiting for me when I get home,” . “There’s no dog I trust more.”

One day Lenotte decided to take Athena fishing with him.

Spending a lovely afternoon together, relaxing and bonding, until finally it was time to head home.

On their way home, after suddenly feeling faint, Lenotte lost control of the car and was veering off the road and straight into a boulder, and then a tree.

Lenotte said:

“It wasn’t until I hit the tree that I blacked out,”

“I woke up right after to the car filled with smoke from the airbags and half in water. I then proceeded to try and get out of the car, as I thought it might’ve been on fire.”

Lenotte knew the second this happened he had to get himself and Athena out of the car and out of harm’s way as quickly as possible.

This is when Athena decided to take matters into her own hands, after it was apparent to her that Lenotte was struggling to help the both of them.

Lenotte explained:

“I opened the rear right-side passenger door and was then pulled out by Athena,”

“She slipped out of [her leash] while pulling me out of the Jeep but stayed by my side even though she wanted to get away from the car as bad as I did.”

Even though Athena was scared and confused, she refused to let her fear get in the way as she pulled her brother to safety.

She knew he needed her and the pair managed to make it across the street and away from the car.

As soon as Lenotte’s parents arrived at the scene, his mom tried to put Athena in her truck and away from all the commotion but she wasn’t done protecting her brother yet.

Jennifer Lenotte, the mother said:

“When I got there she was sitting pretty but shaking,”

“I picked her up and put her in my truck, but I had to take her back out because she kept looking for my son.”

Athena, the incredibly brave dog, refused to leave her owner’s side even as people arrived to help him.

He explained:

“She surprisingly was unfazed by the amount of people and chaos that was around us and was sure to comfort me as I was comforting her,”

“She seemed to know everyone was there to help.”

It was clear that Athena was shaken up by the whole situation but was thankfully completely unharmed by the crash.

She could sense that her owner wasn’t okay and knew she had to be the one to take charge.

Lenotte only sustained minor injuries from the crash, and the pair are doing really well.

What if Athena hadn’t been with him? What an amazing dog.

Isaiah Lenotte said:

“I couldn’t be more thankful for such an amazing companion,”

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