Amazing 14-Year-Old Boy Saves Cat Thrown Out Of A Moving Car And Adopts Him

14 year old Gavin and his mother Erin Brown were on their way to a birthday party when they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw the car in front of them throwing a cat out of their window onto a busy highway overpass… it was truly shocking.

Thankfully, the cat wasn’t hit by any moving cars but it could’ve been so much worse.

The scared and shocked cat landed on the edge of the overpass and was left clinging for his life to the asphalt. 

Quick thinking Gavin jumped out of the car, and ran into a dangerous situation managing to save the helpless cat. He is a hero.

Erin explained how it was a shock to see Gavin become so brave and help the cat. She was unsure of what shocked her more. The cat being thrown or Gavin being the cats hero.

The poor can was incredibly traumatized by what he experienced. He clung to Gavin’s arms, trembling and shivering with fear… Some of the cats claws had fallen off when he clung to the overpass with his life.

Gavin bought the cat to BluePearl Animal Hospital to be treated. They didn’t have enough money for the cat’s treatment but helping him was all they wanted to do.

After Erin shared what happened on Facebook while they were actually at the hospital the treatment was amazingly paid by a good samaritan who was touched by Gavin’s bravery and act of kindness.

The Browns had no choice but to adopt the scared cat as they’d fallen in love with him. They named him Lucky.

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