After 35 Years Apart, Elephant And Trainer Are Reunited!

After 35 years, Scottish zookeeper Peter Adams was reunited with an elephant he used to look after.

Kirsty (The Elephant) and Peter were brought back together after more than 3 decades at Neunkirchen Zoo, since Kirsty left Glasgow for her new home in Germany.

Kirsty instantly recognises her former handler, embracing him with her trunk as he talks to her in emotional footage.

Peter was Kirsty’s zookeeper at Calderpark Zoo in the 1980s, which eventually closed in August 2003, which later closed in 2003 due to debt.

Kirsty is to have been born around 1967 and was moved from Glasgow in 1987 to relocate to Chester Zoo.

She then moved to Dublin with her Elephant Female Companion, Judy, where they lived together from 1994 until 2005 until finally being shipped to Neunkirchen Zoo in Germany.

Peter said:

“Of course, I was wondering if there was any truth to the phrase ‘elephants never forget’.”

Peter managed to arrange a reunion with bosses at Neunkirchen Zoo and headed off to Germany to finally see Kirsty again.

A zoo spokesperson said:

“Kirsty recognised Peter Adams, who outwardly has changed very much, by his voice.”

Peter said:

“That she allowed me to get close and accepted me was a very emotional experience for me. I will always keep that memory in my heart.”

Kirsty, now 52 is reported to be in good health and enjoying her retirement at the German zoo.

Peter knows where she is he plans to visit her as much as possible in the future.

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