After 2 Years Stolen Dog Found in Colorado Is Returned To Florida!

Tamara Peterson had her 4-month-old puppy stolen two years ago so decided to enlist the help of a pet detective who drove around her Southwest Ranches neighborhood passing out fliers.

Praying everyday, hoping Cedar the German Shepherd would return home safe.

Her son Chase would say:

“If it’s in God’s plan, she will come home”

In the rural town of Hugo, Colorado with only a population of 730 Cedar lay injured and covered with snow. The poor pup was abandoned and malnourished in a stranger’s yard.

After three weeks on the mend, the 2-year-old dog flew to Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport to reunite with her family.

Peterson said in an interview that she would “absolutely” consider Cedar’s homecoming an Easter miracle.

Cedar’s microchip alerted Dr. Leesa McCue at Eastern Colorado Veterinary Services that the sickly dog wasn’t a local.

The radio-frequency identification implant showed Dr. McCue that she belonged in South Florida.

After calls to Cedar’s hometown veterinarian. Dr. Kimberly Balasky, Cedar quickly found herself on a plane home.

Peterson revealed:

“I immediately cried,”

“I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock. It’s almost two years to the day.”

An animal charity called ‘Wings of Rescue’ that flies shelter pets across the country, booked Cedar a ticket on a flight from Texas, where the charity was delivering a load of shelter dogs to Broward.

Ric Browde, president and CEO of Wings of Rescue said:

“There’s a movie in there somewhere”

“Microchipping saves lives. There’s no doubt about it.”

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