Adorable Baby Foxes Make A Grandmas Front Yard Their Very Own Playground

We always see cute puppies or kittens plastered all over the internet and it brightens our day. Well, how about baby foxes that make you go ‘awwww’!

A Reddit user that goes by the name Vechrotex posted the most adorable photos of two baby foxes playing with each-other and using his grandmother’s front yard as their little play area.

It just so happens that Vechrotex’s grandmother lives right near the woods so it’s never a surprise to see wild animals out and about near her house.

Amazingly one day a baby red fox wandered near her house and ran under the porch, curiously looking for a new place to play.

Sending the photo she captured of the furbaby to her nephew, he instantly posted it on Reddit. The little baby fox then came back with a sibling to play around the house and under the porch.

Even coming up to the window of the door and licking it. Who knew foxes could be so cute?!

Foxes are usually extremely shy so this wasn’t the normal behaviour you’d usually expect.

Vechrotex wrote under his posts that the mother fox comes often to his grandmother’s house with or without the baby foxes.

Even though the little babies seem to be alone, their mother is always close near by watching over them.

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