Abandoned Kittens Kept Each Other Alive Until They Were Rescued, And Now They’re Inseparable

These poor little kittens were both found malnourished and hurt when they were rescued in Phoenix, Arizona.

With the mother cat nowhere to be seen and after being spotted outside for a few days, people that had seen these fur babies contacted co-founder of Bottle Baby Fosters, Melinda Blain, about their discovery, and they were thankfully saved.

Melinda who helped with the rescue operation, explained:

“The tortie girl was only 85 grams, while her brother was 120 grams. She was the weight of an underweight newborn at five days old”

The kittens helped to keep each other alive through the days and nights of being abandoned.

They were absolutely inseparable and wouldn’t stop crying for each other. The tortie was given the name Bonsai, while the ginger was named Buddha.

Bonsai showed huge amounts of improvement after a day of being well-fed and well-rested, and amazingly gained 15 grams which helped with her recovery.

Buddha, who had severe wounds on her legs, also showed a great fighting spirit.

The two kittens grew up together and they couldn’t be any happier. They are in a safe place, being taken care of.

Check out their adorable photos below:






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