Abandoned Dog That Lost It’s Hind Legs, Eye And Tail In Tragic Accident Finds Forever Home

Dogs are precious creatures and seeing them struggle in life because of an illness or abuse is heartbreaking.

Some people can’t cope with having a pet and will give them away, sometimes abandoning them or giving them a shelter if they can no longer afford or cope with the effort it takes to look after an animal.

This little puppy had a horrible start to life. The pup was abandoned at a park in Hamilton, Ohio.

In a truly horrific turn of events the dog walked onto some nearby train tracks.. the puppy was severely injured and suffered wounds that saw his legs and tail amputated. The dogs eye was also surgically removed.

Animal Friends Humane Society saved the pup and made sure he was healthy and able to heal. They named him Trooper.

Executive director of the Animal Friends Humane Society said:

‘The train amputated both of his back legs, as well as his tail. He also had a ruptured eye due to the train’s impact on his tiny body. Trooper was hospitalized immediately at an emergency vet clinic.

“He required surgery to further amputate both back legs and tail, this way the surgeons could clean up the area and have enough skin to suture. His left eye was also removed since it was damaged beyond repair.”

Trooper has since recovered and although he will have to adapt to his new body, he still loves “kisses and cuddles”.

Trooper was fitted for a wheelchair for his back legs just 1 month after his accident.

The Animal Friends Human Society shared Trooper’s recovery process on Facebook. Amazingly, he was adopted and found his forever home.

The organisation stated:

“Please be more responsible with pets. If you don’t have the means to properly care for an animal, then don’t get one”

“If you have an animal and can no longer care for it, do the responsible thing and find it another home or surrender it to a shelter that will take care of it. Turning an animal loose to fend for itself is never the answer.”

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