Abandoned Dog Is Found Near River With Heavy 13 lb Anchor Tied To His Neck

You never think when you’re out and about that you will come across a helpless animal that has been so badly abused. You see stories on the internet about animal rescues but you never think you will be involved or come across one yourself.

A Lithuanian woman, Audra Petraškienė and her daughter, Andra Petraškienė, were driving one day when they couldn’t believe what they could see. It was a drenched, shivering, scared dog.

It’s apparent that someone had tried to drown this poor dog because around it’s neck hung a large, metal box.

When the mother and daughter found the dog it was very clear he had been through so much. Amazingly he survived whatever this evil person tried to put him through but will be scarred for life.

The kind mother and daughter took the distressed dog home, removed the anchor, and took him to the vet. Thankfully, the vet said that he was in great health.

Audra tried desperately to reach out to the dog’s owner…eventually she found them but it was revealed that someone had stole the dog and attempted to drown him using the anchor.

Audra got in touch with police to make sure the owner was in no way involved in the crime.

The police confirmed the owners were victims of a revenge plot. The owner’s neighbor was the person who kidnapped and tried to drown the poor dog.

He now lives with his owner and is safe from any harm.

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