26 Hilarious Photos Proving That Huskies Are Adorable Weirdos

Renowned as notorious escape artists, Huskies are identified as a highly intelligent breed of dog. In addition to intelligence, they are also tough and self-sufficient, which makes training them more challenging.

But with enough time and effort, Huskies can become loving, gentle and playful creatures. That’s why they do well in families that have playful children and active adults.

Because of their intelligence, Huskies carry an image of sophistication and appropriateness. But as these pictures show, that’s not always the case. These Huskies show that intelligence and weirdness are not mutually exclusive traits. They prove that even the smartest creatures can be hilarious weirdos.

1. Seeing a kangaroo for the first time
2. The immeasurable love this Husky has for his new sister
3. What happens when a Husky is raised by cats
4. His family came home from a three hour movie and saw paw prints everywhere. Luckily, this Husky remembered that he wasn’t allowed on the bed and left just one paw print.
5. Picturesque Huskies
6. How she looked at me when I didn’t give her the last bite of my burger
7. How a battle between a cat and a Husky usually goes down
8. In every group, there’s always that one weirdo
9. This Husky forgot how to dog, so he coconut instead
10. Whenever someone’s at the door
11. “My Husky forgot how to dog and now acts like a cat”
12. Caught the exact moment she realised that I only pretended to throw the ball. She didn’t find it funny at all.
13. When two of your best friends hang out without you
14. Finding that one special stick
15. A Husky with an extraordinary talent
16. A truly vicious dog
17. What thirteen years of happiness looks like
18. A greeting from our new neighbours
19. A Husky probably living in a parallel dimension
20. Someone didn’t look too excited meeting the new Husky puppy
21. Forming a Husky circle to summon Cthulhu
22. “What do you mean we’re only half brothers?”
23. Husky family love
24. When mama Husky runs out of ink
25. “That’s right. Just keep paddling, human”
26. How pizza nights look like when you have huskies

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