15 Cat Pictures That Will Make Your Day!

Cat’s are definitely one of the most loved pets, whether they’re friendly felines or prefer to be independent animals, cats are a favourite!

We’ve compiled 15 cute and funny pictures that will DEFINITELY make your day! Enjoy!

1. What a gorgeous girl!

2. I’d love to be served by this little one!!

3. Ultimate best friend!

4. Turtle cat!

5. Imagine being greeted by this cutie!

6. Little kittens first paddle!

7. Someone’s knocking on the door..

8. This. Just this.

9. Give us a smile!

10. The best facial expression i’ve ever seen on a cat!!

11. Best friend material..

12. We can all relate to this ‘just woke up’ look!

13. This cat must be a model?!

14. Mama to be get’s an ultrasound!

15. Follow the leader, leader,  leader!

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