12-Year-Old Boy Makes Cute Bow Ties For Shelter Dogs And Cats To Help Them Find A Forever Home

An amazing 12 year old called Sir Darius Brown was diagnosed with comprehension, speech, and fine motor skills delays when he was only two-years-old. He has defied doctors and 10 years on, he’s incredibly creative and has many manual skills.

Being the creative he is, Brown makes the most amazing bright bowties for shelter animals. These bow ties save the poor fur babies from euthanasia. 

From the young age of eight he’s been making these ties.

When disaster struck of Hurricane Harvey and Irma in 2017, thousands of animals were separated from their owners and were brought to shelters. 

With huge amounts of orphaned animals, pet shelters and kill shelters had to euthanize some of the animals after homing them for a certain amount of time. This was to control overcrowding.

Robyn Urman from Pet ResQ said in a 2017 interview:

“All the animals that we have here are going to end up being euthanized to make room”

Apparently, the number of animals that were brought in was “scary crazy” according to Unman.

Brown knew he had to help so he made bowties for the shelter dogs and cats. Everything he made he donated in bulk to the New York ASPCA for the dogs to wear.

The bow ties were such a help with rehoming the animals because the second people saw them in the bowties, they wanted to give the fur babies a forever home.

Brown’s efforts did not go unnoticed as several publications and TV praised the 12 year old for his amazing work.

It didn’t stop their.. Former President Barack Obama even reached out to the creative boy making him aware of how amazing what he is doing is and too continue his good deeds.

He said a huge thank you in a letter applauding Brown’s company, Beaux and Paws: 

Brown wants to expand his business and keep donating bowties, even expanding into the UK.

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