11 Funny Dogs Stuck in the Snow

If you’re finding yourself hating winter and being all angry about the snow, you should try to be more like Atlas.

Atlas is a husky who is so chill and so go-with-the-flow that he’s totally fine with having snow tossed in his general direction and then getting buried in a snowbank.

Husky gets buried in snow bank, doesn’t care!
I’m sinking, I’m sinking!
The snow has claimed another one! Remember me fondly, OK?
Don’t worry, pup. You’ll conquer that snow eventually.
Wow, it’s so dark in here.
Guess we’re not going for a walk, huh?
It’s hard to tell where the snow ends and the dog begins.
Snow is my most effective camouflage method.
Follow me, friends! We’ll escape this snow so long as we stick together.
It’s all topsy-turvy for this dog stuck in the snow.
The efforts to build a snowman got a little out of hand.

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