Jude Bellingham grabs Jose Mourinho after winning Champions League to make hilarious request for his mum

It was a sweet moment as he celebrated winning the Champions League

It’s been one hell of a first season for Jude Bellingham at Real Madrid as he picked up the league title in Spain, got his hands on the Supercopa and capped it all off by winning the Champions League.

One season in and the only trophy that’s eluded him thus far is the Copa del Rey, and as he basked in the afterglow of winning the Champions League he mused that he’d have time to add that one.

“My mum fancies you, will you come over for a picture?” (TNT Sports)

It’s not been at all bad for him as a player either as he racked up 23 goals and 13 assists over 42 appearances, and one of those goals he set up was in the Champions League final itself.

While the retiring Toni Kroos set up Dani Carvajal’s opening goal, it was Bellingham who supplied Vinicius Junior to get Real Madrid’s second.

During the victory celebrations Bellingham went over to former Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho, who had been working at the game as a pundit for TNT Sports, and grabbed him for a photo.

What a sweetheart to remember his mum wanted a photo with Jose Mourinho. (TNT Sports)

Crossing the pitch to grab Mourinho for a photo, the wonderkid explained that it wasn’t for him but instead supposed to be a treat for his mum.

Despite just running around for the most important game of his club carer thus far, Bellingham sweetly remembered to get his mum the photo she wanted with Mourinho.

Commentary for the match pointed out that Bellingham asked Mourinho ‘can my mum have a photo’, and he wasn’t about to say no to that request.

Denise Bellingham handed her phone over to her son, and for a few seconds the newly-minted Champions League winner became a pitch side photographer.

It was smiles all round for the picture as Bellingham’s mum looked absolutely chuffed to be getting a photo with the famous manager.

The reason for that soon became clear as Rio Ferdinand, also working as a pundit for the game, told everyone that Bellingham let Mourinho know ‘my mum’s fancied him for years’.

Bellingham did come over to chat with the TNT Sports crew for a bit, and Mourinho asked the Real Madrid star if he’d consider going easy on Fenerbahçe should they meet in the Champions League next season.

That’s likely to be Mourinho’s next destination in the world of football, while Bellingham explained that he’s going to get a few days of rest before joining the England team ahead of Euro 2024.

As for his response to winning the Champions League, he said: “I’ve always dreamed of playing in these games.

“When it gets hard at times you start to wonder if it’s all worth it – but nights like tonight make it all worth it.

“It’s got to be up there in terms of the perfect season. I can’t put it into words, it’s the best night of my life.”Featured Image Credit: TNT Sports