Police say Amsterdam airport employee ‘deliberately climbed into jet engine’ before horror death

Further details regarding the Amsterdam airport employee who died after being sucked into a jet engine have been unveiled by police.

Further details regarding the airport employee who passed away horrifically after being sucked into a jet engine have been revealed by Amsterdam police.

Reports arrived on Wednesday (May 29th) that passengers and workers at an Amsterdam airport had witnessed the gruesome death, though without word of what went wrong at that time. One day later, however, the police released a statement that confirmed that they now have reason to believe the airport worker’s death was a suicide.

In the statement, the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee explained their findings from their investigation into the matter, ultimately concluding that the man’s death was not an accident, but rather a “deliberate” act by the airport employee.

The man was sucked into the jet engine at 3:00pm local time on May 29th. (pexels/ Ahmed Muntasir)

“The deceased man has been identified as an employee of a company operating at the airport,” the statement read, “The investigation has revealed that he intentionally climbed into the engine, indicating this is a case of suicide.”

The employee’s death stunned the passengers and his fellow crew members, who noted to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that they heard a “hellish noise” upon the employee’s death, as well as saying that several people witnessed the disturbing death firsthand on Wednesday.

The man’s death took place at 3:00 pm local time on May 29th at the Schiphol Airport, the biggest airport in the Netherlands.

The statement from the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee concluded: “Out of respect for the victim and their loved ones, no further statements will be made.”

Before learning of the details surrounding the incident, KLM, the airline that owns the airplane that was used for the man’s presumed suicide, also released a statement saying that they are now providing crewmates and passengers who witnessed the man’s terrifying death with emotional aid.

“A fatal incident took place at Schiphol today during which a person ended up in a running aircraft engine,” the spokesperson explained, “The flight concerned was KL1341 bound for Billund.”

The man’s gruesome death took place at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. (AmsterdamAirport.info)

“We are currently taking care of the passengers and employees who witnessed the incident at Schiphol.”

While the military police identified the man as a worker, further details regarding his identity were withheld, likely due to the nature of his death.

Elsewhere in the Netherlands, Dutch minister for infrastructure Mark Harbers also commented on the horrific incident ahead of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee’s report, saying: “Terrible news about a fatal accident today at Schiphol. My condolences go out to the relatives of the victim and the people who witnessed the accident.”