Fans are worried Eminem is retiring with his next album after latest hint

Eminem fans are losing themselves usicover theories about what his latest announcement in relation to his upcoming album could mean

Eminem fans have been flocking to social media in panic about whether his upcoming album signals it’ll be his last.

Last month, Marshall Bruce Mathers III confirmed his latest album would be coming soon and in a post to social media earlier today (May 29) he revealed a single titled ‘Houdini’ is set for release on Friday (May 31).

The rapper took to his social media to share a video teasing the release of ‘Houdini’ – seemingly named after Hungarian-American escape artist, illusionist, and stunt performer Harry Houdini – starring himself and renowned magician and stunt performer David Blaine.

The clip sees Eminem ask Blaine for his ‘help with something’, questioning: “How far can we go with this magic? Can we do a stunt or something?”

Blaine then grabs a wine glass and has a quick munch on it, but that’s not what’s got everyone all worked up.

Instead, all everyone’s chatting about online is when Eminem then says: “Well, for my last trick, I’m going to make my career disappear.”

And, as you’d expect, it’s not taken long for Stans to absolutely Lose Themselves on X in a panic.